The Nation Types

Here is the interpretation of the nations in scripture.


Prince of Tyre is a rich man

Who gains riches, and believes

Himself to be God.

He is deluded to think

That he has gained his own treasures

And hasn’t accrued them from the blessing of God.


Nebo and Chemosh Moab’s

Type is those who are wicked,

Exceedingly wicked

And hide it from the rest.

They hide it, and are prosperous.

They are inflamed with their material possessions

And cannot separate from them;

They turn their creature comforts into their gods

To comfort themselves for their sins.


Ziddon’s nation type

Is the worst,

Higher over the Philistines




They are at war,


With the LORD’s people

As a thorn in their side.

Every person the Godly offends

This is these nations.


Zoan is Egypt,

The type of those who

Shield the wicked

When they have sinned.

They go to war

For them,

They fight beside them

But ultimately,

They enslave them.


King of Tyre

Is a man who has done nothing wrong

His whole life.

He gains riches.

And, when he sees he is rich

He believes he is responsible for it.

So his heart begins to sin

And because of his sinless nature

He believes himself incapable of it.

So, he becomes the worst of all demons.


Daughter of Moab

Is a person who

Follows the wicked

Wherever they go.

They cling to them

Are loyal to them

Because in their heart they make justification

For the wicked.

They will battle, war,

And are loyal to a wicked person

No matter what.


Whore of Babylon

Or Daughter of Babylon

Is a person inflamed with

Idols. Their position is simply

Idolatry. Naked.

Unabashed. And they

Spread idolatry to everywhere else.


Tyrus is a person

Whose beauty

Makes them vain.


Jareb, or the King of Assyria

Is someone who sees what is

To be conquered, and will

Even conquer the righteous

To obtain what is not his.

He will destroy what is right

In order to gain possession

Over lands and riches

That do not belong to him.


Ephraim is a drunkard.

Up to mischief for mischief’s sake.

Drunk on naked power,

Drunk on wine.

It is just mischief for mischief’s sake.

No rhyme, no reason.

Just because it is fun.



Is a person who sees the plight of the righteous

And shows no mercy because of it.

They come and destroy

Because of the plight of the righteous

And use it to overthrow the wicked

To a point where it no longer is justice

But is revenge.


Abaddon is just naked foolishness.

He is cruel. He is unwise.

He is never satisfied with good.

He is strong, and able to accomplish his lusts.

He has no knowledge, and he despises knowledge.


When I’m writing my poetry, the thirteen kings

Represent these nation types.

This is the highest of the sin.


There is one more I know about

And I tremble at the thought of not knowing all of the nations.


That is Ethiopia.

She is false Christianity

And false morality.

She is religions built from the true faith

But obscure it.


The reason why I bring this up

Is because when  you interpret prophecy

This is how  you interpret it.

You do not use it to predict tomorrow.

You use it to hide yourself from evil

And be like Israel, Judah and yes, even Ephraim.

You also use it to hide yourself from these thirteen nations.

Because there are wicked Israel, Ephraim and Judah.

There is also righteous Israel, Ephraim and Judah.

Each prophesy correlates with a curse and blessing

On each nation, that reflects the heart.

This is the sum of the wisdom I’ve learned

And it has guided my pen in creating my poetry.

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