The Trespasser

A river in your soul flows through

You, o Man of God.


Do not judge the little ones in the faith.

Take the hint, and over it

Let the channel in your heart

Flow toward God.

Let not my rebuke fall on deaf ears…

For the rumor you heard was false.

I had not prevented any from walking in.

I had… as it were.. advised them not to walk in.

Then, I had said to them,

When I saw them about to walk in,

“If the preacher repented, tell me

“And I shall sit among them.”

Those you saw were witches

The very ones who hate my soul.


I am sorry for yelling.

It is why I walked away.

I could not hold my tongue

O mighty river.


Let your flowing loch

Pour out into an ocean of fruit.

Let not your name be of the mighty rivers of Tyre

But let your name be Harper Church.


I love you.

And thank you for your blessing…

Now I give you a blessing:

Your name is Harper Church.

No longer is it “Trespasser”

For if you repent

I shall repent

O my love,

My faithful one

Who has fed the multitudes with good bread.


“Do not forsake me!

And I will not forsake you,”

Says my LORD.

Yet, remember your first love

O Ephesus, that way your lamp-stand is not removed!


Test my words.

If there be any lacking,

Then rebuke me.

I shall listen…

For you should have said,

“Bring with you another witness,”

And then I would have been silent.

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