Pharaoh’s Vine

O! You whose dreams I possess

A foreshadow of the great uprising of wickedness;—

Who are you? I do not know.

Yet, the wickedness of your brow doth show.

Every day, your heart I am woken to by a fright.

Entering into maids; how dark is your light.


I say this to you, my beloved:

I see you enter into the war

I see the body mound which made your heart sure

Of the battle with the great wicked things.

How you are making a future where nothing’s pleasant but for kings.


I had told my adversary this:

I have to have both our burdened dreams

Mine when I am sleeping

Belongs to one of the kings.

Yours, yours, it belongs to me.


I saw Pharaoh spreading his vine

In the warships of Babylon.

And I… I… I helped him.

O! Let it not be so, so!

Yet… if I am guilty,

Let me never, ever grow old.

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